The Bay State Jaguars teams put up impressive wins at the Zero Gravity Massachusetts State Championships over the May 5-6th weekend.  The Zero Gravity Massachusetts State Championships were last year’s LARGEST State tournament in the Country with more than 670 teams playing across the Greater Boston Region. At the Division I, II and Division III levels the Zero Gravity Massachusetts State Tournament is the only way to truly be named STATE CHAMPIONS as it is the only State Tournament that truly features all of the great teams that Massachusetts has to offer.

This year, the Jaguars had three state champions at the Division 1 level.  The 9th Grade Girls, the 8th Grade Girls and the 5th Grade Girls teams all were crowned State Champions at this years tournament.  Please join us in congratulating all of the Jaguars teams who participated in this year’s tournament – – and in particular, our three STATE CHAMPION girls teams!